to shag
are you gonna do it with her
by fart knocker April 24, 2003
an areshole
jam that up your doit
by Craig April 29, 2004
A term used to describe the height of drunken pleasure when socialising with other University Aquaintances!
Dave you little fat cunt, do it!

Tubbsy you extremely round piece pugnose gimp, do it!

Baskett get on it get dancin with those mingers, Travolta 'er stylie, do it.
by aka the Trevors May 10, 2004
certain steps to get pimp juice levels up
1.tickle chick
2.put arm around chick head on chick
4.ask chick out
5.make out with chick
by TCL_whiptail82 November 02, 2004
to make a romance inside something.
did you really do it with a horse?
by foshiznapizwizzles October 25, 2006
The art of Got ems. Very similar to but slightly different than Ship Its.
CM: Boom?
Spano: Do It.
CM: Boom.
by the_guy April 24, 2006
Australian slang for referring to either ones filthy muck-hole, or ones stank meat-pit.
"Her shorts were so short you could see her doit"
by goblinincident January 06, 2015

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