You say this to someone who you're waiting for to make a move. Usually said to a pansy who suffers from hypogonadism.
by UscrareMEalot March 29, 2010
A reference to someone who is a complete idiot, jackass, or just plain dumb. Use when someone does or says something stupid.
Bobby- Dude Jimmy, what is road head?
Jimmy- Wow dude, what a fucking doit!
Shiquantamisha- Ya, that kid is dumb as shit.
by Sooper Nigger October 02, 2005
Used with regard to partaking in sexual activity. Also often used as a vocative command suggesting/ordering another person to partake in sexual activity, particularly sexual intercourse.

Past tense: dood it
Man, I want to do it with the Olsen Twins. (Standard)

Shit man, you've been dating that chick for nine years, fucking do it already! (Vocative)

Instead of going to class this morning my girlfriend and I woke up and dood it instead. (Past Tense)
by King of Awesome June 02, 2005
Doit has the same meaning as the phrase "Do it" only it has more urgency to it and is more often than not, yelled/shouted/screamed. The same thing goes for writing/typing, only it's in capital letters. It's pronounced the same as if the words "do" and "it" were said separately. The only difference is that it's said rather fast, making it sound like "DEWIT"
Common misspellings: duit, dewit, dooit,
Person A: "Hey man, my parents are gonna be out of town and they're letting me have the mansion all to myself... I was thinking of throwing a rave, but..."
Person B, C, and D: "ZOMG DOIT"
by The Bubblewrap Menace October 03, 2008
A Way to describe the high after smoking weed. Man Im soo fuckin' doit!

Short form of the word ' Deet '

Originated in Port Dover Ont.
That hash bowl got me just doit.
by See-oh October 27, 2009
Mens underware. e.g. underware, undies, briefs, tight-whites, boxer shorts
My doits keep riding up my ass.
by Jerrym2 June 14, 2010
Pronounced: Do it!

When you hear this (Do it) you should react by loudly shouting the Peter Griffin laugh, and when you say it to someone you should provoke them to burst out in the Peter laugh.


After Laugh you can also shout out shipoopy 3 times

and both say "Thats Family Guy"

Credit: W & J rocktown
J: wass guud bro.....
BOTH: that was family guy....
by W n' J rocktown December 28, 2009

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