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Used to describe an individual who acts in such a douche-ish manner, simply one douche is not sufficient to describe them. This person encompasses enough douche with their behavior to fill an entire wagon from front to back.
"Oh shit, I knew Greg was going to be at this party. Last time he threw up on my shoes - On purpose. What a douchewagon."
by GreenParrot713 September 15, 2009
One of the shortest yet most powerful phrases in the English language, the use of "DO IT!" has been inadvertently sending young men to jail and/or the hospital since sometime in the early 1920's. If anything bad happens in your life, it's probably because one of your friends yelled this at you.
Prosecuting Attorney: And at what point did you decide that it would be a good idea to "T-bag" Officer Jones?

Defendant: When my buddies yelled "DO IT!" (Courtroom erupts in applause)
by GreenParrot713 September 17, 2009
Ghetto slang for "Douchebag interruption".
"That guy is a tool. I kept trying to tell a story and he Kanyed me the entire time."
by GreenParrot713 September 17, 2009
'Something's missing' is a term usually used by an individual who is either extremely hammered drunk or blazed (or both), while trying to create late night drinks or snacks (or both). No matter what random shit this person has already added to their concoction, they always feel like there is something else that would make the item just a little bit better.
Friend #1: Damn son! That club sandwich looks mean, what's in it?

Friend #2: Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard, avocado, pickles, a fried egg, American, jack, and cream cheese. It's alright, but I still think something's missing.
by GreenParrot713 September 28, 2009
Stands for "Genius Under the Influence". It is a term used for individuals who come up with fantastic ideas when abusing some kind of substance, or for those students who actually do quality schoolwork while completely fucked up.
Student # 1: "I can't believe I got an 'A' on that paper. I was so high when I did it I couldn't even remember what I wrote about."

Student # 2: "WTF. You should totally be charged with a GUI."
by GreenParrot713 October 26, 2009

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