A girl who "just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by somebody else." Do Nothing Bitch
That girl's a DNB. All she cares about is getting fucked by millionaires.
by Fight_Hard September 07, 2015
(D-n'-B's) noun, short for Dick and Balls, a way to show disgust to a subject or mission. Usually said underneath your breath, much like the word, "shit." (Can also be used with eye rolls.)
Me: Go do your work!
You: (underneath breath) ahhhhh, D n' B's
by Ry Bay Bay February 03, 2010
Abbreviation for "Do Nothing Bitch". A term penned by Ronda Rousey to describe a woman who "... just tries to be pretty, and be taken care of by somebody else".
Last week that DNB totaled her boyfriend's BMW, now she's rehabbing on the beach in Cabo.
by CarrotBottom September 10, 2015
A Do Nothing Bitch. Originally dubbed by UFC champion Ronda Rousey meaning a female who just sits around looking pretty and has sex with millionaires.
Jessica has no control over her own life; she is a #dnb.
by JCo515 September 10, 2015
"Do Nothing Bitch" (phrase originally dubbed by UFC Women's Champion Ronda Rousey). Meaning a female who sits around and does nothing but look pretty and f&ck millionaires.
Some say that Kim Kardashian is a DNB.
by JCo515 September 10, 2015
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