"Damn Near Blind"; not technically blind, but visually challenged enough to be unable to do essential things; usually referring to one's state without one's eyeglasses
Jack: "What's the matter, Ted?" Ted: "Oh, I have to drive to work, I can't find my glasses, and without them I'm DNB!"
by smendler May 24, 2010
abbreviation for- "Disabled not Broken."
One who still has ability despite the disability.
Still able.
I may seem a little different in your eyes but try to remember I'm only DNB.
by Robert Michael Hensel April 18, 2008
Den Norske Bank

The Norwegian name for "The Norwegian Bank", which has been around longer than the genre of music.
I went to DNB last night to withdraw some money.
by Quakeulf January 15, 2006
Dead Nigger Breath

used to describe someone with extremely bad breath incomparable to dead people or black people
dude you've got some bad DNB
by breath detector February 08, 2010
Acronym for Dumb And Basic.... AKA Drum and bass
brederin i'm well into my dumb and basic
by ogdini November 29, 2004

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