hella hot gurl...holy dr. jack humpers I LOVE HER AND HER SEXY VOICE
divya is miss india 2006
by ank dawg April 30, 2003
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angelic, heavenly, beautiful
How divya!
by babydesi April 28, 2003
The coolest kid in cool land where everyones cool. Cool is Divya and Divya is cool. Is also known as the boy-oriented coolio friend who's way cool.
Dude, you wish you were a Divya.

Now way are you a Divya, ur a total fag.
by P.I.M.P. April 01, 2005
Being Cool.
Divya was chillin in da club.
by Mickey Mouse May 19, 2003
An amazing, if slightly insane girl. The most beautiful, wonderful, hilarious, and smart person you will ever meet.
I love Divya
by Siffy002 July 07, 2011
when you commit an act directly contrary to what you say or preached.
Boy 1: Dude you just told me you wouldnt do that!

Bpy 2: Oh did i! i cant remember!

Boy 1: Fker, pulled a divya
by Booty Burnt February 24, 2013
1. a person that botoxes their buttocks
2. a grrrrr88 friend
3. the funniest person that is in love with bob because of his lovely eyes
1. she's a divya
2. she's my divya
3. divya wants to do bob
by why do u care? November 21, 2004

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