1. a person that botoxes their buttocks
2. a grrrrr88 friend
3. the funniest person that is in love with bob because of his lovely eyes
1. she's a divya
2. she's my divya
3. divya wants to do bob
by why do u care? November 21, 2004
a golddigger who laughs really really funny!
omg, that girl just took all my money, shes a divya!
by Evian Lame-Ass January 20, 2008
Means definitely OFF in some fashion, & probably off yr. rocker.
Think it's Rom, from down the Lake in Nonantum, Newton, Massachusetts.
"Divya moosh" means "crrazy guy"
Whaddya, you divvya!? You quit that job?
by Kate from the Ville March 21, 2005
an idiot
what a divya
by bramma July 31, 2008
dipika's friend
i get it, its a joke
by Frodo Baggins's pet hobbit February 09, 2004

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