The coolest kid in cool land where everyones cool. Cool is Divya and Divya is cool. Is also known as the boy-oriented coolio friend who's way cool.
Dude, you wish you were a Divya.

Now way are you a Divya, ur a total fag.
by P.I.M.P. April 01, 2005
An amazing, if slightly insane girl. The most beautiful, wonderful, hilarious, and smart person you will ever meet.
I love Divya
by Siffy002 July 07, 2011
Divya is a down-to-earth type of person. She is incredibly sweet and kind. Divya can get upset over small things but usually she doesn't mind as long as your apology is sincere. Any Divya you meet will have amazing handwriting and somehow always manages to make everything look perfect. She usually adapts to her surroundings; e.g. If most of her friends swear, she'll gradually get used to it and start to curse as well. Divya can sometimes be a rebel, but usually she follows the rules. She has big dreams and strives to get perfect grades. She can laugh off just about anything, but if you're trying to get food from her, beware: her feelings about this are always changing. Divya is overall an amazing person who has a great sense of humor, and will never leave your side. If you're friends with a Divya, you are very lucky indeed.
I admired Divya, not only for her thick, dark hair, but also for the way she could handle negative situations.
by kaleidosc0ping March 01, 2015
hella hot gurl...holy dr. jack humpers I LOVE HER AND HER SEXY VOICE
divya is miss india 2006
by ank dawg April 30, 2003
when you commit an act directly contrary to what you say or preached.
Boy 1: Dude you just told me you wouldnt do that!

Bpy 2: Oh did i! i cant remember!

Boy 1: Fker, pulled a divya
by Booty Burnt February 24, 2013
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