A band that, in reading most of the definions on this site, is extremely overrated by many people. Yeah sure, I'll admit that they may be the best Nu-metal band, but that's not really saying much, is it??? I mean, sure they do have a few good songs (I actually do like Prayer and Remember), but they can't compare to other real metal bands, and they're definitely not the best band of all time, as some people on this board would claim. No no, the distinction of the greatest band of all time would go to, of course, Alice in Chains, followed closely by Pantera and Rage Against the Machine, but now I'm getting off subject. Anyway, to sum up what I'm trying to say, Disturbed may be good nu-metal, if there is such a thing, but in the end they are definitely not the best band of all time and are squashed like bugs on the windshields of Metallica, Megadeth, Soundgarden, etc. etc.
Nu metal fan: OMG! I love Disturbed, David is soooo hawt and their songs are so awesome!! I am Down with the Sickness!!! Wa ah ah ah, they're so metal!!

Me: Wow, please listen to some real music, such as Pantera or RATM. I'd like to see the guitarist from Disturbed shred like Dimebag or Tom Morello.
by b-razzle August 04, 2006
A shitty band with mediocre music and horrid vocals. Together with Nickelback, they are creating a genre of music where all the songs sound exactly the same. Possible the worst band in existence and should be pummeled to death with their own albums for tricking 13 year olds into listening to their music.
Misled youth: Hey man, do you listen to Disturbed?

Music fan: Yeah...when I was in middle school.
by Dick Pance July 10, 2008
A band often considered to be the greatest metal band of all time, whose fans are nothing more than mindless teenagers who have yet to witness true thrash metal. The band is best known for their hit single Sickness, featuring constant screaming and mating calls similar to that of a chimpanzee. Although they are a decent metal band, rabid fans do need to realize that Disturbed is not as god-like as they think them to be.
The Disturbed concert had killer muisc, but the lyrics leave much to be desired.
by Skitzo June 12, 2004
A great band but not the best band. Down with the sickness, Prayer, and Numb are the only ones I really like. Disturbed is excellent but nothing really spectacular and amazing even though in my definition of down with the sickness i put the best band in the world I wasn't thinking at that time but now I have come to realize that they aren't really that good but are great.
Prayer, Down with the sickness, and Numb are the only songs I like from disturbed.
by Jin Kazama April 23, 2005
Instead of getting up with sickness, you go down on it, who would have known. These guys must be sent from whatever God there is with immaculate knowledge and receeding hairlines, or sent from the devil himself to drive us off a fucking cliff. This band has perfected the open chord technique. And the open mouth receiving technique. As well as the open ass receiving technique.

Their lyrics are so inspirational. One time I was listening to their song and I was so inspired to jab whatever sharp object I could through my ear drum, just so I could be as hardcore as they try to be.


Gay piercings.

Every song is the same.

Covered Genesis.

Fag piercings.

Uhm... can't think of anything else.
I'm supposed to put an example here about Disturbed, but in the time that I clicked from one box to the other, I thought of more things.

I can perform a whole song by them, and by whole song I mean all of their songs, all by myself at once. Let me see, crash bass drum and snare along with open cords at 4/4. Basically everything.

Then I make sure to have someone pull real hard on my testicles so that I can sound full of angst.

Testicle pulling.

Shitty music.

Ok now I'm done.
by The Ultimate DeWeese July 10, 2008
1. Short for "mentally disturbed"- a psychotic, retarded or very stupid person- or a person who acts that way.

2. What you get when someone interrupts you during a session of masturbation.
1. People who listen to heavey-metal music are disturbed!

2. I walked in on Paul when he was choking his chicken and disturbed him.
by Malcolm X-crement December 06, 2003
disturbed kicks ass....
yes they should be hit by a bus....then then bus should back up and run them over again...not that would kick ass too
by ReViVe March 27, 2003
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