one of the only really good bands out there today. i have advice: do not buy a disturbed CD at Walmart. Liberation sounds like shit with every single motherfucker bleeped out. I hate big retail stores like that where they pull some shit like that to ruin the song, just as long as we can't hear any cuss words, heaven forbid. Anyway, they have some truly great songs, like Stricken, Down with the Sickness, Fear, Liberation, Decadence, Just Stop, I could go on. great band and FUCK you haters.
disturbed is fuckin awesome and are keeping nu-metal alive by a thread.
#disturbed #best band ever #pownage #david draiman #talent
by witness accursed February 05, 2008
The best fucking band to ever grace this earth with music and anyone that dont like them can go to hell and get raped up the ass by satan
Man:Disturbed Fucking sucks
Me:im going to kill you and hang your head on my mantle
#best #duuudde #awsome #disturbed #apples:p
by Barakus_666 February 04, 2008
Disturbed is a pretty fuckin' excellent nu metal band that should'nt be labeled as such. they've worked hard to be where they are today, & deserve to be amongst the truly metal bands.Unlike limp bizkit (Which is,in my opinion,the very reason why nu metal fucked up)who are such sell outs & posers(and rap),otherwise,disturbed deserves to be labeled as true heavy metal!!!!LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL!!!
4 reasons Why disturbed does'nt deserve to be nu metal:

#1:They dont rap!!!
#nu metal #disturbed #metal #limp bizkit sucks shit #disturbed is so fucking not nu metal you anti disturbed pieces of shit
by decentmetalhead October 19, 2005
To be crazy,mental etc. and who you often don't know what there going to do next.
and are sometimes dangerous to be around if they are a psychopath.
Also someone who gets mentally unbalanced from having there dick sucked. For example, If they are a christian fundamentalist etc.
He's disturbed.
#crazy #mental #psychopath #sociopath #serial killer
by judge dredd7 October 30, 2012
Awesome Band, and gave a freakin awesome, concert on December 22nd in Madison Wisconsin.. anyone who wasn't there should kick themselves if they had a chance.
PoLLo: Hey i'm going to see Disturbed in Madison, you should come too!
Malak: I can't 'cause I don't want to drive that far, and I'm Dumb.
#disturbed #concert #music as a weapon #madison #tour
by PoLLo_Loco July 14, 2007
Not the "greatest metal band ever", not the greatest band today, but just a good, harmless, mainstream-ish hard rock/ metal band. Most non-fans think that they are Disturbed fans because they like Down With The Sickness, which is a good song but not their best at all. Some songs are good, but the average listener (i.e. not a Disturbed fanboy) should not listen to a whole album in one sitting because if done, the songs will sound the same, thus ruining the experience of the album. Definitely kicks Slipknot's ass though.
Mainstream man: Dood, I luv that song Down With the Sickness, that song is tizight
Fan 1: Really, listen to Ten Thousand Fists, such a better song by Disturbed.
#disturbed #hard rock #metal #fine #repetitive.
by bypatient July 10, 2008
An ALTERNATIVE (not NuMetal you fucknuts) Metal band. With frontman David Draiman, their songs are about the pain of your internal demons and standing up against those who make you feel like shit. (btw: NuMetal is a shitty 90's excuse for rapcore. Typical characteristics include (ofcourse) rap, downtuned guitars, self-righteousness, bitching, and materialism. Like System of a Down, Disturbed incorporate NONE of these aspects on a regular basis.)
1: Hey, did you know there's a new Disturbed album coming out this spring?
2: Yeah, they're my favorite numetal band since Slipknot and KoRn!
1: *Stabs 2 in the face and pisses on him*
by Phildo January 23, 2005
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