Please don't judge people for what the listen to/wear/etc. That's just ridiculous.
I figured I'd add my two cents since this site has become more a forum than a dictionary, anyway.
by Matt December 15, 2003
disturbed is the most awsome nu metal band in the freeking world
if u hate em say i to saiten for me
meaning your going to hell and ill see you there
so like it or die!
they kick the crap out of that peice of crap band SOAD
so disturbed forever and screw system of a down!
by The Black Rose August 30, 2006
One of the best nu-metal band, but cant compare to real metal such as Iron Maiden and Metallica
Disurbed isnt so bad
by ImmolationMisfit October 20, 2004
Disturbed is a parent-approved cock-rock band. When teenage assholes listen to Disturbed, it makes them feel alright about how they don't do anything with their lives and are essentially a drain on society, because the lyrics in Distrubed songs are trite, overused, meaningless, and end up offering more problems than solutions. For this reason, every self-respecting, able-bodied individual should make it their life's work to systematically deconstruct Disturbed's presence in the mainstream media, and to point out the hypocrisy and irrelevance of Disturbed whenever possible (especially when conversing with Distrubed fans.)
People that like Disturbed also typically enjoy the following musical abortions:

Breaking Benjamin
Avenged Sevenfold
The Used
Escape the Fate
"Hey, I've got tickets to the Disturbed concert. Wanna come with me?"

"Geez, I would, but as it turns out, I'm cutting my nose off with a rusty old razor blade that day. Sorry..."
by Nathan090590 August 11, 2009
A band that was really great and promising and than just kinda faded.

The Sickness = Needed a little more focus but had a unique nu-metal sound that was awesome.

Believe = A little to "clean" but a great hard rock album.

Ten Thousand Fists = A pretty good album where some songs are great hard rock ie Land of Confusion and the rest all sound the same.

Indestructible = An ok album where ALL the songs sound the same. Guitar driven. The vocalist has run out of steam.
"Dude! That disturbed song 'Down with the Sickness' just convinced me to kill everybody!! But than 'The Night' made me change my mind."
by darthpat February 26, 2009
a once good metal band that made a horrible new album called industructable. they have one good song on that alum called industructable. disturbeds older music is so much better like down with the sickness and prayer. i am very disappionted by their new album but still listen to their old stuff.
guy-"do you like disturbed?"
other guy-"yeah, their new album sucks but i still listen to their old music"
guy-"same here, i cant stand their music"
by bearseph March 01, 2009
Whoever plugged Violence Fetish as their best song is a sackless poon. Even if, within the song there are 215 other words, when not counting the repeated chorus (note that IT IS the chorus, and thus repeating it is legit) so labeling Violence Fetish as a repetitive song is foolish.

Also, lyrics are overrated and aren't a main component in the brilliant scheme of metal, so basing a band on it's lyrical ability is rather indecorous.

A more credible suggestion of their best written song, both lyrically and intstrumentally, would be ~Mistress~.
Knowing the story behind most of Disturbed's songs would assist in the understanding of their excellents also
by Acid^Rogue December 18, 2003

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