Is a quartet out of Chicago, Ill. Released their first album in 2000 "The Sickness." In 2002 followed up with "Believe" it debuted at number one. In 2005 they released "Ten Thousand Fists" which also debuted at number one. Followed by "Indestructible" which debuted in 2008 at number one making them one of six bands rock bands in history to ever have three consecutive albums debuting at number one. The bands smash hit "Inside the Fire" gave them their first grammy nomination (in 2009) for best HEAVY METAL performance. Infamous for their use of cryptic lyrics, they often have the listener replaying the song to fully absorb the meaning, however the release of their new album has a much more direct lyrical approach
Disturbed - The Sickness
by dsotm223 June 29, 2011
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A shitty band with mediocre music and horrid vocals. Together with Nickelback, they are creating a genre of music where all the songs sound exactly the same. Possible the worst band in existence and should be pummeled to death with their own albums for tricking 13 year olds into listening to their music.
Misled youth: Hey man, do you listen to Disturbed?

Music fan: Yeah...when I was in middle school.
by Dick Pance July 10, 2008
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Disturbed is a parent-approved cock-rock band. When teenage assholes listen to Disturbed, it makes them feel alright about how they don't do anything with their lives and are essentially a drain on society, because the lyrics in Distrubed songs are trite, overused, meaningless, and end up offering more problems than solutions. For this reason, every self-respecting, able-bodied individual should make it their life's work to systematically deconstruct Disturbed's presence in the mainstream media, and to point out the hypocrisy and irrelevance of Disturbed whenever possible (especially when conversing with Distrubed fans.)
People that like Disturbed also typically enjoy the following musical abortions:

Breaking Benjamin
Avenged Sevenfold
The Used
Escape the Fate
"Hey, I've got tickets to the Disturbed concert. Wanna come with me?"

"Geez, I would, but as it turns out, I'm cutting my nose off with a rusty old razor blade that day. Sorry..."
by Nathan090590 August 11, 2009
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Awesome Band, and gave a freakin awesome, concert on December 22nd in Madison Wisconsin.. anyone who wasn't there should kick themselves if they had a chance.
PoLLo: Hey i'm going to see Disturbed in Madison, you should come too!
Malak: I can't 'cause I don't want to drive that far, and I'm Dumb.
by PoLLo_Loco July 14, 2007
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An absolutely, postively, undeniably, fucking shitty ass nu-metal band. These guys fucking suck more than all the prostitutes in the span of 10 blocks in the red light district. They pose as a real metal band but oh do they fucking fail miserably. Anyone who is fans of them deserved to be punched in the stomach and forced to listen to real metal like Lamb Of God or Nevermore. They are a fucking typical shitty radio band that get played like 20 times a day. Dave or whoever the fuck's name the vocalist is sucks ass. I hear better vocals from a 2 month old baby. And the guitars are really mediocre. And all you fucking hot topic goers who say, "Oh, Disturbed haters have a low fucking IQ" or some garbage like that, should go skull fuck yourselves because YOU are the ones who do not know real music. Bottom line: Shitsturbed fucking sucks.
Disturbed Fan: Oh, did you hear Disturbed's album "Ten Thousand Fists"? It's so fucking awesome, dude!

Me: *Slaps Him Very Hard In The Face* Shut the fuck up, stupid Shit Topic nu metal faggoth. Listen to some real metal like fucking Sepultura or Cannibal Corpse.
by Kevin Rodriguez August 15, 2006
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To be crazy,mental etc. and who you often don't know what there going to do next.
and are sometimes dangerous to be around if they are a psychopath.
Also someone who gets mentally unbalanced from having there dick sucked. For example, If they are a christian fundamentalist etc.
He's disturbed.
by judge dredd7 October 30, 2012
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A band that, in reading most of the definions on this site, is extremely overrated by many people. Yeah sure, I'll admit that they may be the best Nu-metal band, but that's not really saying much, is it??? I mean, sure they do have a few good songs (I actually do like Prayer and Remember), but they can't compare to other real metal bands, and they're definitely not the best band of all time, as some people on this board would claim. No no, the distinction of the greatest band of all time would go to, of course, Alice in Chains, followed closely by Pantera and Rage Against the Machine, but now I'm getting off subject. Anyway, to sum up what I'm trying to say, Disturbed may be good nu-metal, if there is such a thing, but in the end they are definitely not the best band of all time and are squashed like bugs on the windshields of Metallica, Megadeth, Soundgarden, etc. etc.
Nu metal fan: OMG! I love Disturbed, David is soooo hawt and their songs are so awesome!! I am Down with the Sickness!!! Wa ah ah ah, they're so metal!!

Me: Wow, please listen to some real music, such as Pantera or RATM. I'd like to see the guitarist from Disturbed shred like Dimebag or Tom Morello.
by b-razzle August 04, 2006
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