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6 definitions by ImmolationMisfit

One of the best black metal bands
The singer for Celtic Frost was Tom Warrior.
by ImmolationMisfit November 27, 2004
The trademark hairstyle The Misfits.
A.K.A the reverse mullet
by ImmolationMisfit November 28, 2004
only new mushroom head is new metal. Dont judge a band by what you here of them on your pop stations
you piece of shit. Lucifer damn your soul.
by ImmolationMisfit December 25, 2004
One of the best nu-metal band, but cant compare to real metal such as Iron Maiden and Metallica
Disurbed isnt so bad
by ImmolationMisfit October 20, 2004
a sucky christian band (although all chistian rock sucks)
stupid christian bands
by ImmolationMisfit November 09, 2004
an ok nu-metal band that not nearly as good as metallica.
Godsmack aint very good
by ImmolationMisfit October 20, 2004