An absolutely, postively, undeniably, fucking shitty ass nu-metal band. These guys fucking suck more than all the prostitutes in the span of 10 blocks in the red light district. They pose as a real metal band but oh do they fucking fail miserably. Anyone who is fans of them deserved to be punched in the stomach and forced to listen to real metal like Lamb Of God or Nevermore. They are a fucking typical shitty radio band that get played like 20 times a day. Dave or whoever the fuck's name the vocalist is sucks ass. I hear better vocals from a 2 month old baby. And the guitars are really mediocre. And all you fucking hot topic goers who say, "Oh, Disturbed haters have a low fucking IQ" or some garbage like that, should go skull fuck yourselves because YOU are the ones who do not know real music. Bottom line: Shitsturbed fucking sucks.
Disturbed Fan: Oh, did you hear Disturbed's album "Ten Thousand Fists"? It's so fucking awesome, dude!

Me: *Slaps Him Very Hard In The Face* Shut the fuck up, stupid Shit Topic nu metal faggoth. Listen to some real metal like fucking Sepultura or Cannibal Corpse.
by Kevin Rodriguez August 15, 2006
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A fuckin' awesome band.
Hey, has anyone noticed the average IQ of the Disturbed haters? I know, what IQ? I mean, they are almost like George W. Bush.
by Detranova July 28, 2003
Respectable nu-metal. Bands like Disturbed and SOAD are nu-metal's last glimmer of hope, unfortunately.
Disturbed is more impressive than Slipknot and (sigh...) Linkin Park.
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 09, 2004
Arguablly one of the greatest bands of the nu metal genre and possibly the greatest metal band ever. With Draimans razor-sharp vocals and the bands savage guitar sounds and meaningfull lyrics that range anywhere from the torment of the soul to ripping some one a new asshole, or the ignorance of people and their constant tendency to limit their selves beyond anything that will cause them any discomfort, challenge their views, or force them to actually think at all; to just the surge surge of adrenaline you get when you rock out and mosh to to something really violent, heavy and truly kick ass. That which is what the metal genre has been built on. Any one who thinks that Disturbed's lyrics are old, tiresome, and trivial forget that TRUE metal is not based on lyrics alone, that TRUE metal is a mix of hard hitting, savage, almost maleviolent and completly awesome guitar sounds;a lead singer who has the ability to put raw, razor-sharp vocals into every lyric sung; and the bands ability to make this all sound natural and smooth. Any one who judges a band soully on it's lyrics and how greatlly written they are should be impaled on a giant, burning spike Vlad style. Disturbed represents all these quallitys and is with out a doubt one of the greatest bands ever. Also people who think Disturbed sold out and became wuss-ified in the belive albums are ignorants pricks not being able to see beyond their bloody dicks from jerking it to much and the fact that just because something is not mindlessy violent does not mean it is not kick-ass metal. word is bond bitches.
plates on ur ass bitch!!PLATES ON UR ASS!!!!= mindlessy violen= kick-ass

get up come on get down with the sickness!!=anthem of rockers,goths and punks every where

i'm not willing to die girl because of what u dont tell me, i'm not willing to compromise the man i want to be!=full of meaning and not wussified you ass pricks
by blitzkrieg6913 July 24, 2004
A kickass Nu-metal band. Nu-metal being a subtype of the Metal genre. Disturbed is about the best Nu-metal has to offer.
Disturbed is > j00.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Disturbed= One of the greatest bands ever created.

Disturbed haters= Idiots, who are jealous and wish they could remotely compare to the band, in every shape and form.
Disturbed is the greatest band ever
by A loyal fan January 26, 2004
Good band.No matter what your opinions are.just a plain good band
Prayer,Down with the sickness
by jordan January 31, 2004
Nu-Metal style musical group with actually musical ability and a decent amount of originality within style context, not dependent on any one style or subject for music. A good nu-metal group...yes i said it i used "good" and "Nu-metal" in the same sentance...
Disturbed did a cover of a friggin ace of base song....and it didn't
by Lloyd Mann September 04, 2003
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