A "new/alternative" metal band from Chicago, with a lead singer, David Draimen, that is easily recognizable (due to the "tusks" that protrude from his lower lip). Some consider them hard rock, others metal. But the fact is Disturbed puts out great music during a time where the rock genre is incredibly shallow (I'm talking to you, scremo bands).

If you haven't heard much of Disturbed, here's a few of their best songs (IMO) by album.

The Sickness:
Down with the Sickness
Violent Fetish


Ten Thousand Fists:
Sons of Plunder
"Man, I went to a Disturbed concert last night. I got beer spilled all over me, but it was fuckin' incredible! They sound the same live as they do in the studio!"
by ! Logan ! January 28, 2008
Better than any band I have ever listened to...EVERY ONE OF THEM!!

Every single song they made is an instant 10/10!
Liberate, Voices, The Game, etc... ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD!
by James Lowe November 04, 2004
Heavy Metal band with David Draiman as their vocalist, Fuzz as their bass player, Dan Donegan at guitar, and Mike Wengren at drums. Known as the best band to grace the presence of Rap/Alternative Metal. One of the only bands some prepubescents would call satanic but if you actually listen to their lyrics, they are actually slightly religious. They can range from all out screaming (like in their infamous "child abuse" bit in "Down With the Sickness" not on radio version) to soothing (like in "Darkness")
My favorite band.....
Disturbed came together in 1997....biatch
by CorrodedBeing November 30, 2004
A rock band with hits such as "Down With The Sickness", "Stricken", "Guarded", "Just Stop", and "Remember", to name a few.
I'm a Disturbed fan. However, that doesn't mean I'm saying they're the best band in the world, or that other bands suck compared to them. I like them, that's it. If some people don't like them, that's fine, too. They won't "meet Satan 'cause they're goin' to hell 'cause they don't like Disturbed". Honestly, wasn't that remark a bit dumb? =/
by sykilik101 January 05, 2008
Great nu-metal/hard rock band. They have some pretty awesome songs like Stupify, Ten Thousand Fists, and Prayer. They're pretty much nu-metal, but then bend some "rules" of nu-metal, so they're more like hard rock. Good band.
Ten thousand fists in the air! -part of Disturbed's song
by Bashe December 31, 2005
The Best Band in the world!!! Ozzy Osbourne himself said Disturbed is the future of Metal. All you Dsiturbed haters can say what you want but when it comes down to it if you listen closely to Disturbed you will become infected with The Sickness and start to Believe and then those Fists in the Air!!
P1: Ever heard of Disturbed?

P2: Yes they are quite god like
by SicknessBelieveTTF October 27, 2006
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