1. A good metal band...Well, all depends on your definition of metal...
2. A lead singer who should have kept his extremely sexy self away from Jonathan Davis.
3. Chevelle has nothing on their fellow Chicagoians.
How in the fuck does David Draiman do the opening sound effects for "Down With The Sickness?'
by Who's the boss now, biatch? June 05, 2004
Unlike my fellow Distubed fans (who own) i will tell u WHY Disturbed owns.
1.Fuck those who say the voclals are repaeted over and over i (and many others) belive that they ehcane the meaning behing what they music is about
2.The music is incridable for all those they say it suck caome to my houise with a gutair and play something better and i'll belive u ,but, until that happens disturbed is THE ONLY BAND that u can actually "listen' to and understand the music (unlike blick-182)
in short n(as it has been said many times before) DISTURBED OWNS!
Things i felt so long before i don't remeber
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
A nu-metal (generally pertaining to their first album, The Sickness)/hard rock (the latter albums, Believe and Ten Thousand Fists) band mostly known for their debut and its most popular single, "Down With The Sickness". Therefore, they are generally dismissed as an immature, typical nu-metal band. While The Sickness is decent, their follow-up, Believe, contains melodic and complex elements that more than surpass it. Their most recent album, Ten Thousand Fists, effectively combines the anger of The Sickness and the focused creativity of Believe. Most listeners do not realize this, of course.
Disturbed Fan: So, how about Disturbed?
Typical Radio Listener: Dude, aren't they the guys that scream like monkeys and bang on the drums?
Disturbed Fan: Then I take it you haven't heard anything released by them after 2000.
by suaveslav October 19, 2007
to be troubled emotionally or mentally; chaotic; to interfere
a rock band who have worked hard to get where they are
People who dislike DISTURBED are really mentally DISTURBED.
by Mirri August 13, 2004
Kick-ass metal band with a really sexy lead singer!! Hell yeah! What more could you ask for?
any1 against Disturbed will be maimed, personally, by me, sometime in their life.
by Laura October 23, 2003
best band ever!!! y dont u dumb a**es like them??? they r the greatest most talented band of all time. no other band matters. DISTURBED!!!
best band ever!!!
by Disturbed~Pyro January 27, 2004
The most spectacular badass rock band on earth, together with Cradle and others. Disturbed just rule.
Disturbed own, no questions asked.
by TheRailgunner March 22, 2006
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