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A combination of gross and disgusting.
That guy never bathes, its disgrosting.
by Jordy March 09, 2005
Something so gross and disgusting, its just disgrosting.
Andrew: I just sharted.

Elizabeth: That's disgrosting get the fuck away from me!
by NisargSindhu November 07, 2010
Disgrosting is a word you can use instead of disgustin or gross.
mitchel- hey crystal, i have a pickle and gummy worm sandwich i made it myself!
Crystal- EWWW mitchel that is disgrosting!!!!!
mitchel- *cries*
by princesspeace**** September 02, 2010
To masturbate kinkily, or furiously in an odd manner. Such as accomplished with and/or a stapler, and/or a note card, and lotion.

John-Hey Carl, what's up with you man, you've been different, have you been Disgrosting or something?

Carl-Yeah dude, I've been messing around with myself all day. Ive been Disgrosting all over the place.
by Dudeskey..Asian Guy May 08, 2009
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