Dimensionally incorrect statement.
Idiot: "How many feet are in two pounds?"
You: "DIS!"
by bridgesandboundaries July 01, 2010
Short for disagreeable. Meaning unpleasant, upsetting, offensive or not to one's liking.
Person 1: Oh I hear global warming is actually going to make Britain colder and more rainy.
Person 2: Dis.
by JamesP123 April 20, 2010
The most sexy Nigerian man you'll ever meet.
The perfect guy for any girl, smart, funny, sensitive and extremely sexy.
The best chocolate around
Ellie : I met a guy last night!
Grace: what was he like?

Ellie : He was a total Dis!!!!
by poomapants November 08, 2011
The name of a level in Doom. It's the final level of the third episode (Inferno).
The spider mastermind is your boss enemy in Dis.
by .:UnknownpresencE:. July 29, 2009
"diss" is the meaning of an insult. 'dis' is an incorrect spelling of this.
Dis is showing how i can't spell.
by Snootchie Bootchies August 14, 2006
to disresect some one or some thing
you gonna let her dis you bout that?
by Tough Girl May 28, 2004
when you dis someone, you are taking the piss or insulting them.

a dis is an insult that is considered to be very powerful, original and cool.
That sithead over there has just dissed my family
by Ghost_Ryder May 19, 2005

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