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punching someone in the gut after giving them extremely painful anal sex, causing the to defacate uncontrollably
That no good bitch fucked my brother, so i gave her a dirty river
by caneface April 05, 2003
when you take a dump on the back of a girls neck and then piss on it letting the pee run down the spine and over her butt.
Mike asked his date if she wanted to try the dirty river
by JerseyDennis July 29, 2010
when one partner defecates in another's mouth so that he/she can give the defecator a blowjob
she was totally incapable of continuing to supply me with dirty rivers after i punched her in the jaw real hard.
by th9091a August 14, 2009
Anal Sex, plain and simple.
See buttsecks
Those two students on the football field bleachers are drifting up the 'ole dirty river.
by Specter_pecter June 25, 2006
the simultaneous act of ejaculating while hitting a woman in the face with a seat cushion
Last night, as I was banging this hot chick, I decided to give her a dirty rivers, unfortunately I caught her in the eye.
by John_Utah December 29, 2015

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