Dirt button is a refernece to anal sex, most commonly used by gay boys.
Ooh, Craig, you fuck with me and I be tappin' that dirt button".
by Musty Dusty May 02, 2009
Top Definition
the corn hole. In other words, your ass hole
Ron licked Monkey Boys dirt button after she shaved her face.
by itchy corn April 15, 2003
Although it is often used as a slang term referring to the anus, it also doubles as a powerful way to dub one's enemy.
"I say, our chum Wilford has been acting quite unchivalrously, wouldn't you agree, Constable?

Aye. One would say he's been quite the DIRT BUTTON as of late.
Yes. Quite."
by 1toast April 07, 2010
Ancient Roman reference to the entrance of your cornchute. The last place a turd flies out of before it hits the ground.
Why don't you polish my dirtbutton after you wax your chodes.

Today I am going to get my dirtbutton bleached.
by Senor Chodes October 19, 2004
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