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very bad, very serious or extreme, critical, desperate, critical
the dire issue of oil profits, that garbage looks dire,to find Bin Laden is a dire emergency, dire hurrican
by Pablo Bianchi July 08, 2006
abbreviation for diarrhea. The result of something that infuriates you becuase it is so stupid or corny in a kind of inexplicable way. ie. couples that take pictures of themselves kissing and post them on facebook, tear-jerking commercials, the movie Garden State, Uggs, adolescent livejournals.
"this elevator music is really giving me dire."
"Oh my God, that girl's outfit is giving me massive dire!"
by Dini April 30, 2008
Very similar to Dour, used in the same circumstances: Gay remarks, bad mistake, bad joke or generally being an Arsehole.
Gay Person: Oh! I love Space!

Normal Person: Dire!
by Jon Elvins March 09, 2007
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