Dipset can be used in several manners. It can mean to leave a place, reference a harlem based hiphop label 'The Diplomats', or my personal favorite; an extreme form of punking someone.
Person1: Lets get outta here.
Person2: Yeah, lets dipset.

Person1: You get the new dipset album?
Person2: Nah, they whack.

Person1: You hear what Mike did to John yesterday?
Person2: Yeah, he dipsetted all ova his face!
by 0siris November 23, 2007
The Diplomats, A rap group, also a gang set of the Pirus/Bloods.
Dipset, Jones, We stay fly, no lie, you know this! Ballin'!

Straight from the Dipset Pirus.
by playthesnake187 January 06, 2008
They are the men, the myths, and the legends. A group of straight studs that ran a school by the name of Churchill. Bunch of the tightest, loyal friends ever to grace P-Mac with their presence. Best part about them is that they throw the nastiest parties out there and while they get caught most of the time (cuz of some puke maybe?) they still get out of getting into shit and keep on doin what they do best - chillin and runnin shit.
"Yo, you've heard of Dip Set right?"
"Yea of course I have, they're a bunch of straight studs."
by G Diesel May 10, 2006
(1)adj. anything that appears to be or seems gay, queer or fruity.

(2)n. a man who is concerned with wearing or having items that are too gaudy (jewlery) and feminine colors (i.e. pink, purple, or any bright colors)

(3)n. Homo-Thug
Rapper Camron wearing pink furs, big "grandma" diamond earings and driving "laffy taffy" colored cars.
"That guy is very dip set with his lavendar bandana and "man-purse".
by Larry "Love" June 10, 2006
Dipset originally is just a Blood branch off. Each area has a different set, but they are all bloods. Eventually people started using it as "good-bye" or "get teh hell out"
He's from Dipset while im from (insert three letter title here)set.
by aDDKiT March 10, 2004
Dip Set is a marketing ploy. It demands intrigue via uniform performance that they were blessed to employ. What good can they do with urban turmoil is the bigger question.
Every Set has a name.
by Jerrold Johnson December 23, 2003
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