Gotta jet, be out, run away from Po Po or a crew or anything that you have to run from
Gotta dipset on niggas cuz niggas made it hot and Po Po ran up in the spot.
by IcE MaNz AkA GonCheZ December 21, 2004
DIPSET-them dudes is nice yo.
dipset is HOT yo juelz,killa cam.j.r writer,jim jones etc..them dudes is nice..i know sum out there hattin on them all them hatters fall back!!!
by DIZ CHICK March 18, 2006
AKA The Diplomats.

Its what happens when crack babies and ritalin children grow up.
"Mom? Can I grow up to be a rapper?"
'No, Billy, because you don't know how to rhyme.'
"Oh mom! Don't be silly! I can just be like dipset."
by gooberliberation April 20, 2006
a game dat boys and gurls play wit boys he dips in her a few times then moves on.
Mariah and james was in the locker room wit their pants down playing dip set.
by Angela March 26, 2005
Wack ass rap group that dresses in pink and purple. A group of people that write lyrics at a second grade level. Their producers are tha only reason why people would bother listening to their shit. Tha simple fact that Cam'ron is part of that group is going to sink his career.
Juelz, Dip Dip
Santana, Set, Set
Where we grip, grip, tec, tecs
Who you wit, wit
Dog, no set
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, what (Oww)

by Omega Death November 19, 2003
to leave a place as soon as possible to avoid trouble
"yo lets dipset outta here the cops are coming"
by babygirl March 26, 2004
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