to 'peace out' or leave.
Dude, this party is so lame lets dipset
by Paul Hoffmann February 02, 2009
1.Hardest rap group out of Harlem and the best out since the Harlem Rennassaince. Started by Killa Cam and Jim Jones. Operated in NYC Diplomat Records.

2. Best Out

3. Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

4. Movement that put out critically aclaimed mixtapes and CDs such as Diplomatic Immunity, Dip Set Byrd Gang and Final Destination along with Diplomats Vol. I-V and has expanded outside of New York, now garnering the best talent.

5. Diplomats/DipSet Byrd Gang/

antonym:Purple City,The Senate,Taliban
Dip Set, b****
Juelz Santana
Jim Jones
Freeky Zeekey
Duke Da god
JR Writer
Hell Rell
40 Cal
Jha Jha
by KE3 September 01, 2005
Dipset is a very interesting word. No one knows what the hell it means, all that is known is that the Diplomats say it so it must be cool. Harverd University did a study of the word and found that no one knew what it ment or how it came to be. Only the Diplomats know for sure, but it sure does sound cool, so we will let them say it, and besides if we asked to many questions Cam would pop a cap in our asses.
Julz Santana: Dipset, dipset, dipset, oh yah.

Cam'Ron: Of course!
by harold c October 14, 2006
dipset is a mantra used by a those who perform intercity "diplomatic" functions in the context of large gangs, e.g., Harlem, Southside Chicago, Crips, Bloods, etc; a group representing and speaking for multiple gangs and neighborhoods

The song "Dipset Anthem" combines the voices of two men with different backing, Juelz Santana and Cam'ron
let us dipset with ali and wayne
by runamuck October 31, 2003
The Greatest Rap group Ever To Come Out Of Harlem, New york (Otherwise Known as The Harlem Diplomats , The Movement, The Union, Da Byrd Gang, The Diplomats)
Juelz, Dip Dip, Santana, Set Set
by DLong April 06, 2005
despite popular believe that the actual meaning is unknown, it is a fairly simple concept

dipset: to be ready and "set" to "dip" or leave

most people use the word as they leave a scene, but as the definition suggest it should be used several minutes before and only as an answer (see below)
paul: are you ready to dip ?

me: no, i gotta jerk one into this girls earpussy before we go

(10 minutes later)

paul: you done yet ?

me: yup, im all dipset
To leave a place and meet at another.
Hey bro lets dip set and go to the bar.
by Austin Burger December 09, 2007

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