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A trio or set of dips one might purchase for a party or sporting event. Such sets of dip usually include French onion, garden vegetable or even spinach. Most dipsets are usually quite enjoyable, and go great with chips.
Tom: "Honey, what should I bring to the game?"
Gladys: "Why don't you get one of those nice dipsets, you know, for the chips?"
by 24to7nine March 18, 2008
1.can be used instead of words such as "really" or "extremely".
2. used to state the obvious, as in there are no other emotions or urges besides the one(s) you are feeling at that moment.
McCauley:" I am dumb hungry!"
Danielle: "Me too! I could really use a nap though, 'cause I'm dumb tired."
by 24to7nine March 18, 2008
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