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to leave; leaving in a disturbed manor
*people burning it around someone who doesn't smoke*
guy: uhhh yeah i'm boutta dip
guy 1: *inhaling a blunt* but whyyyy?
guy: yeah i don't smoke
guy 1: pussy.
by kyliewashere June 25, 2012
When you are right and the persons like, "oh", cause its so obvious.
Guy 1 says "shes a dude!" guy 2 says "no" guy1 "theres a dick right there its HUGE" guy 2 "Oh" guy 1 "DIP"
by Turbo_Tac0 December 05, 2011
The act of driving a car fast and weaving in & out of traffic at the same time
You think I drive fast? You should see my cousin, he dips
by DumbassKilla November 11, 2011
its when a guy dips in ball sack in a tasty sauce of the partners choice such as: barbecue, ranch, thousand island etc. and puts in the partners mouth. However, the dipper cannot dip the sauce twice in one go
Person A dips person B
by cheif f August 09, 2011
A word for an idiot, moron, or retard. Short for dipshit.
Tom: "Your car has a dent"
Eric: "No shit, you fucking dip"
by Idon'tcaresohereyougo. July 19, 2011
to bail or flake when the going gets tough
Boris : Bro I still can't believe Berms dipped on me when the cops came
by zanidab April 15, 2011
A word used in exchange for many words describing the act of gaining or taking in a situation for personal enjoyment.
Yo, we're goin to Springfield to ball, you in? Yeah, I'll dip.
by Mike Magzz March 30, 2011