A small four-door sedan built by Datsun from 1961 to 1966.
The 1964 Datsun Dink came with a 1.2 liter, in-line, four cylinder engine, manual transmission, and an ashtray.
noun. Metric conversion of another term for penis; usually applied to Canadians, and relates to the height of a donut.
You just ate my dink checker.
by HeyMike April 02, 2004
A synonym to the word fuck. Particularly in the Boston area.
I wanna dink that bitch over there hard.
Don't be such a dink.
Why don't play a nice game of hide-and-go-dink-yourself, eh?
Dink that shit, I'm out.
by Twiggi October 03, 2005
A word describing the amount of skill a person has at the game of shuffleboard
This guys got Dink. (after he makes a shot)
by gorby March 21, 2005
A derogatory word for someone Asian.
That fucking Dink doesn't know how to drive.
by spokes1124 December 15, 2003
n. refering to a person who is miniscual in both height and weight, and could be dominated by anyone.
Oh my, look at Kyan, he is a complete dink.
by jv ballah December 19, 2004
just another stupid word. can also be used as dinkus and dinker
andy is a dink
andy is a dinkus
by Unknown February 13, 2004

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