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Small Male Sex Organ,

people who are referred to as pne, are usually people with penises so small they are almost vaginas

doctor: I need to check for testicular cancer.
person: unlikely i'm PNE
by TWTubs February 17, 2010
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Positive Negro Experience - This occurs when an African-American, usually in customer service, is very respectful and helpful to a stranger. This experience applies when directed to white people, whereas the same behavior attributed to a fellow African-American can be commonplace.
"I was in Burger King today and I was actually impressed by the politeness and respect that the cashier gave me. This was definitely my PNE for the day."
by Chad778 August 18, 2009
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1) PNES. pronounced "penis" Term used to start a funny joke about Nintendo's old NES system.
2) Known as a Portable Nintendo Entertainment System
3) Penis.
dude: Wish they would make a portable nintendo...
Anon: They have. It's called a PNES.
dude: O_o
Anon: yes, i said penis.
by We are ALL anonymous December 21, 2008
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