verb. To stay somewhere after one is no longer wanted (much as a dingleberry does).
After having sex with Anna, Seth dingled around her apartment and wouldn't leave her alone despite her attempts to dislodge him (pun intended).
#dingleberry #linger #dislodge #seth #dingler #dingling #dingle #dingled #elise #hit it and quit it
by da dingler May 23, 2012
Verb: To dingle.

Playing devils advocate at all times regardless of appropriateness and context. Pertaining to, but not exclusively to emotional situations and factual debates
Helga: Damn, my day was so shitty! My boss is a dick, he bitched me out for no reason!
Dingler: Well, maybe he had a bad day too and was taking it out on you, is he always like that?
Helga: Goddamnit Dingler! Just agree with me for once!

You've been dingled, bitch.
#annoying #irrational #logical #dingle #emotional #girls #fight #stupid #smart
by The supreme dingler September 17, 2011
To wag your dick around to a song that makes you horny.
Imma dingle to that jingle
#dingle #dick #penis #dance #song
by WhatTheSchuck June 03, 2014
An extra scrotum with which some men are born. It is located behind the primary scrotum and does not have its own testes; it is an extra empty sack of skin. It gets its name because it sometimes "dingles" down to the butt hole and gets shit on it, dingle-berry style.
Poor Mike tried to take a dump in the woods while camping and got shit all over his dingle because it hung down in front of his anus as he was squatting. On the bright side, he didn't need toilet paper.
#scrotum #balls #anus #shit #testes #sack
by eplane March 27, 2012
The small pieces of shit that are normally mixed with fluff from the underwear. These can easily be picked off with a good tug and normally are good projectiles!
Guy1: did you hear about Sam Cleworth?
Guy2: No why?
Guy1:He has bare dingles around his rectum!
#dingles #shit around rectum #clingons #projectiles #tug
by Layd March 05, 2012
to dingle, verb.

to dick around; to mess around and be silly wasting time.
Should I do homework, or just dingle around on the internet?

How was practice today?
Eh, it was just a dingle sesh.
#dicking around #mess around #dingle #dingle sesh #dick
by theDingle February 16, 2011
When someone makes one of those 'statements' that are totally pointless or irrelevant to the discussed situation or something that wasn't funny, this can also be examples that make no sense what so ever. Typical reactions to this could be "what?" "eh?" "what the.." and a "lol" at the end. This person is then a 'Dingle'
1 "yo you talk so much shit man." 2 "nah i dont talk as much shit as my man" 3 "what u talking about i dont talk shit?" 1 "you talk more shit than the word." .. 2,3 "eh? Yo stop being a dingle man"
#dingle #pointless #not funny #irrelevant #odd
by shadeybass July 01, 2010
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