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Though seeming to be a milder version of its epithet cousin numb nuts, DINGLE NUTS is actually a perversely subtle conflation of dingleberry with numb nuts, which connotes tiny, hardened balls of feces, toilet paper, and lint hanging from the ends of scrotum hairs.

Pretty nasty, eh?
Hey! Watch what you're doin'! <under breath> Dingle nuts...
by JC_SaltLaker January 14, 2005
an adjective used to describe a peron whose actions are silly, this term is in no way to be used as an insult, but in the spirit of playfulness. (not to be confused with the UD definition of dinglenuts.)
He is so silly! What a dinglenut!
by ljs77 April 20, 2011
When someone acts immature in a serious conversation. Also dinglenuts can be used to describe an individual who manages to screw everything else up for the rest of us.
Conversation: That Austin is such a jerk during physics, he is such a dinglenuts.

Physical Example: That dinglenuts opened up the side of the plane and decompressed the cabin.
by JesterD73 November 26, 2010
jizz crusted clumps stuck in ass hair from anal sex
"These dingle nuts in my ass hair are killin' me! Seacrest out!" -Ryan Seacrest
by ed hart April 26, 2006
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