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To get drunk, throw up, and pass out. All within a few hours.
"Man I got fuckin DINGED off that Crown and C2 last night!"
by Ding March 19, 2006
To get rejected, usually from a graduate school.
"Man, I got dinged yesterday. The decision letter came in a small and thin envelope."
by james December 13, 2003
To be charged. Usually without prior notice.
"I just got my cable bill and they dinged me for pay per views I didn't order!"
by voodoo122 July 09, 2005
the unofficial term of being analed by christine
you just got DINGED
by dtey May 24, 2011
Usually a term used to explain a girl giving a guy head but it can go both ways.
Yo nigga i just go dinged by that stunt

For real, man nigga she dinged me last week
by Nanericka February 21, 2008