Dancing like Elaine from the Seinfeld TV series.
God, did you see that dude dimping out?
by ozzyfan269 December 27, 2010
collecting fag ends or "dimps" from the street. Often done by heroin users who need to have a smoke with there fix but commonly do not have the money to buy their own cigarettes/tobacco.

The collected tobacco is emptied and made into roll ups. Includes collecting from pub ash trays/public smoking bins etc
"you havent got any backy at all? f*ck it lets go dimping then"
by marvin gaye99 August 07, 2009
When your dimples are showing

(dimping is to dimples as nurping is to nipples)
"Jake was dimping when he talked about Chelsea."
by TnC June 19, 2005

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