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A word to describe something valuable.
1. Money
2. Drugs
3. etc.
Wow, that's a whole lot of dimp.
by Tyler Durden March 02, 2005
DIMP is an internet acronym for "Deucing In My Pants", used to denote great amusement in chat conversations. Most commonly used to convey the image that the user, as a result of laughing so hard, has just soiled themself.

DIMP, much like LOL(ROFL, ROFLMAO, etc.), can be expanded to signify the amount of fecal matter that has occupied the users pants. Such examples would be DIMPWSLO (Deucing In My Pants With Some Leaking Out) or DIMPWSLORDML (Deucing In My Pants With Some Leaking Out and Running down My Leg)

However, it should be noted that is where the similarities between "DIMP" and "LOL" end. "DIMP" is the ideological antithesis to the cultural malignancy that is "LOL" and should not be used vapidly.
When visiting, I found the juvenile and offensive nature of the comic strips to be so uproariously humorous that I could not stop DIMPWSLO.
by TG (The Gift) July 30, 2008
End of a cigarette or spliff that has been 'dimped' or 'pecked' out - extinguished - with the intimation that some tobacco or dope remains smokable, either by re-lighting the original item(while burning your nose-hair) or re-cycling with other dimps into a new roll-up or spliff.
The tramp searched for dimps on the floor around the bus stop.
by kallisti23 June 02, 2006
Very large dimples, or someone who has large dimples. This nickname is only used on cool people, no amateurs or lamos allowed. Guys with dimps are very sexy, especially if they are also ginger. The dimples must be wide enough to fit a pinky finger in to qualify for the awesome name of Dimps.
Carly: OMG that ginger's dimples are so hot!
Kenzie: That's because they're dimps!
Carly: oh that explains everything
by oh_sheeba January 10, 2011
A popular acronym for "DVD In My Pants". A recent absurd saying used when talking about movies one loves.
"Ichi the Killer was such a great movie. DVD In My Pants!"
by Qram August 16, 2005
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