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4 definitions by TnC

A prudish adult who envies your body and strictly enforces the dress code.
Petunia: "Oh Yowanda, what happened to your shirt? It was so cute!"
Yowanda: "Mrs. Jacobs made me change!"
Petunia: "God, what a midriff nazi."
Yowanda: "Yeah."
by TnC June 17, 2005
55 31
When your nipples are perky
" It was so cold out today, that all the girls were nurping"
by TnC June 19, 2005
6 4
To clear the dance floor in record time. Also Known as to Nergal the club.
Coined after New Zealand DJ U-Khan, better known as Nergal Youkhana.
The basic rule of DJing, Don't U-Khan the dance floor. No one likes shit music!

The club is pumping! Hey, where did everyone go? Man you just Nergal'd the dance floor!
by TNC February 15, 2012
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When your dimples are showing

(dimping is to dimples as nurping is to nipples)
"Jake was dimping when he talked about Chelsea."
by TnC June 19, 2005
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