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to sit on the back of a bike while the other kid pedals infront
give us a backy down to the shops boiiiiii
#backy #croggy #bike #ride #hitch
by supasimon_10 June 07, 2007
shortened form of tobacco or tobacky.
i'm off backy for good.
by abakhussain March 24, 2005
another name for an amazing back massage...usually also leads to other things
Boy: "man i'm tired"

Girl: "ooh want me to give you a backy? ;)"
#massage #back #body #touching #erotic
by asdfghqwerty12 January 02, 2010
Like a nammer, but instead of coming from the south side of Vietnam, they come from the north side of Vietnam. The guys are usually found wearing Kappa clothing, Nike Shox with dyed blonde or red bangs. The girls are usually found wearing TNA suits or Triple Five Soul, and like the guys, they also wear Nike Shox. The girls have layered hair that is either dyed all red, all blonde, or streaked red or blonde.
Check out that viet crew full of nammers and backys.
by unlabelled August 15, 2005
A person who changes his or her mind at the last minute, stopping another friend doing something. (see backied)
Person 1: I was going to go to the party but now John says he cant take me
Person 2: He's a backy...
by .Anonymous. June 11, 2005
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