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Acronym for "Kindly Shut The Fuck Up!". Implore a person to keep quiet immediately. Can be used to mean "please stfu" to lessen the blow or cushion it for friends. :)
Hey dude, kstfu! I am trying to read here!
by gansvv January 06, 2010
acronym for "does it matter?".
Meaning "irrelevant" and used mostly in gen-Y internet slang/ IM conversations, "DIM" is mostly the end of a smirk comment, to specify that the info provided does not matter at the current context.
dude1: Hey, it was cold here. Look at these pics of icicles!

dude2: location?? I could spam u with pics from my Antartic expedition. DIM?

dude1: ha. These are from Orlando, Florida man! It was cold this year.

dude2: wow! Jan 2010 is "global chilling" time!
by gansvv January 10, 2010
who am i?
I find legal documents very interesting to read and decipher. But I am not a lawyer. WAI?
by gansvv February 03, 2011
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