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Diller can be used to descibe many things. In replace of cool, good, or penis.
Diller boots man!
Oh shit, I crushed my diller in the ice machine.
by SarahisPretty March 07, 2006
An incredible group of inspirational Jewish teenagers from the Bay Area who had the most amazing three weeks together in Israel during summer of 2008.

They are excerpts at conquering the Neg, debriefing and Facebook stalking. They also love BiRite and American Apparel.
Jewish Kid #1: "Hey! I wish I was as amazing as you are. What made you so incredible?"

SF Diller 2008: "Oh just this fantastic program called Diller. It's the best thing EVER."

Jewish Kid #2: "Wow, I'm so jealous."

SF Diller 2008: "Yeah, you should be."
by SFDiller08 August 18, 2009
A unit of measurement that is undefined.
That's about nine dillers right there. That's as big as a diller.
by MC Da Wiggala February 27, 2009
derived from the word: quesadilla

meaning V. to drink alcohol
N. alcohol
jro cant have no diller cuz her medicine will killer.
by harrybush January 23, 2010
When one places a rock of crack amidst a bunch of killer weed within a bowl or other smoking device. The person who is lucky enough to get the rock or "the diller" will be rewarded by an evening so great you will not remember it the next day and will not sleep until the next day either.
You got the diller man, you are fucked up! Have you ever smoked crack before?
by Snakepit Sean WNB May 17, 2007
plastic object that divides your groceries on the belt from the customer's groceries in front or behind you
Will you hand me a diller please?
by SubverterOfTeenMinds May 10, 2006
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