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prounounced (dils) Penis, dockle, fuck face, anything phallic in nature, pipe cleaner
Bend over and get the dilZ batch,, paC
by D. Ockle April 07, 2004
dick, penis, cock, manmeat, etc. the male genitalia.
He wants to stick his dilz in that cutie girl.
by pseudodang October 10, 2008
The long piece of extra flesh between your grundle and your pubes; the 5th Major appendige on a male. A Beating stick for the female species.
The smartest thing coming out of da bitches mouth be my mutha fuckin' dilz!
by Grundala August 11, 2003
As close to downsyndrome you can physically look without actually having downsyndrome.
Nick: Dude, does that guy have downsyndrome?
Mick: No, he's just ugly in every possible way.
Nick: No way! He's is beyond ugly, that guy is Dilz.
by Jealous Fella November 19, 2009