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Pronouced like "dig-it". A person who does or says things that are unbelievably stupid. To do things that are so dumb that it is usually hilarious. Naturally born stupid, lacking all common sense.
"dumbass" that goes to 11.
Usually said loudly when someone sees or hears of someone else doing something stupid. "He did what? DIGIT!"
Yo, that digit drove all the way back over here to look for his car keys, didn't he realize that he was already driving? DIGIT!
Yo, this dude at the party got wasted and pissed in the refridgerator, right in front of everybody. What a Digit!
by Jimmy Steel August 15, 2006
17 141
One's telephone #
Hey baby, why don't you let me get your digits
I saw you talking to that hottie, did you get her digits?
by anonymous June 26, 2002
311 81
When in sex someone puts there fingers up there partners shitter (asshole)
"get your finger out of my arsehole bitch your dumped!"

boy :"bitch do you do digits?"
Girl: "no, you sick shit"
by blackend sky November 08, 2005
350 189
finger or toe
it's easy for most people to count to twenty using their digits for help. tony goes one better, he can count up to twenty and a half!
by theWestHamfan December 30, 2003
212 69
I undertand what you're saying -- we are on the level.
right around the corner? dig it.
by anonymous July 07, 2001
215 82
fingers. those things on the end of your hands.
as in stiff little fingers record label "rigid digits records"
by insertyournamehere September 05, 2004
156 86
a numerical code that will transmit you telephonically to someone, preferably a good-looking member of the opposite sex
"Hey babay, can I get yo' digits?"
by Bizzie Buzz September 29, 2007
94 47
someones mobile phone number
can i have u're digits
by Anthony June 22, 2004
86 45