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1: To submit a story on the popular social networking website, digg.com. The website is a way for users to share web content and news articles on the internet. In past tense, you say you "dugg it."

2: To really like something. The spelling is usually only with one g in this instance (dig, not digg).
1: This is a great article. I'm going to digg it right now.

2: Dude, I totally dig it!
by maryjanie November 30, 2006
A term used to identify someone committed to a life of service in the armed forces. Synonymous with lifer.
Ted: I can't wait until I get out of here.

Ralph: Yeah, right, you're a fuckin diggit and you know it. You'll probably reenlist.
by Kate Sjostrand February 20, 2008
Understand something; get it; feel the vibe
Do you diggit? Yeah... i diggit.

This song rocks, you diggit?
by Clarence Chiew June 20, 2005
A dimebag of weed.
We is goin down to da spot to get a diggit yo feel me homie?
by YuckItsSam February 07, 2012
- dude irritating gangstas getting ill together -
Look at that digget over there sucking the steez right out of the room.
by drDockter April 11, 2005
A term used by white, homosexual men in their early forties, who are secretly gay and want to bone anything with two male tits, a hole and a heartbeat. Often used repeatedly until it provokes other straight males into beating his ass with a baseball bat.
Preston Curtis is such a fucking faggot! diggit, can you diggit? Do you want this baseball bat up your ass??
by al foisy April 26, 2007