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- noun phrase -

comes from actions taken place at a party that would usually never take place in the real/outside world

i.e. when a guy sees a freakin' beefin'chick at a party he'll do stupid crap to try to impress her such as wrestle/fight others, strip, do pull ups, throw things, etc...
"Dude, why'd you beat me up last night? I didn't even do anything to you."

"Sorry man. Christine was there. But it was just a party action, don't take it personally."

"Oh alright. Cool man."
by drDockter April 23, 2005

the "freakin'" refers to very much so, or a lot, and the beefin comes from the term "hot" or gorgeous/beautiful/pretty/sexy/smokin'

so the term means "very hot" or, "mucho caliente"
Dude! That chick was freakin' beefin'!!!
by drDockter April 19, 2005
- dude irritating gangstas getting ill together -
Look at that digget over there sucking the steez right out of the room.
by drDockter April 11, 2005

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