A person considered to be ugly/fat. And if to be made out/gotten with would be dieseled or turbo-dieseled depending on condition eg drunk or sober
Look at her! she's a diesel alright.
by Loaf123 April 15, 2009
badass, able to take large hits in one breath
"damn diesel you just took that in one hit!"
by Uneasy A October 04, 2011
A street term for heroin.
Paco and I purchased some potent diesel today.
by flaco August 27, 2002
Usually one of two things. One, a type of fuel - handy for powering cars and whatnot. More importantly however, it's the best fashion brand ever. Diesel is special. Everything it touches is exquisite. The good people at Diesel bring us clothes that have the power to make us feel fuzzy inside. It's that feeling when you watch a Lady Gaga or 3OH!3 music video for the first time. You may not be fans, but admittedly their music videos are hard to keep your eyes off. It's like the euphoria associated with that - very exciting! Even the Diesel campaigns are cool. I mean, the whole "for successful living" mantra they've got going on. What's more, the "be stupid" philosophy is amazing. They even brought videos to places like Facebook and YouTube to elaborate on the meaning behind the philosophy. I don't mean to go on, I really don't. Although, bottom line - Diesel is cool!
Tyler: Life is good. I'm goin' to the Diesel store tonight!
by MyUDpseudonym September 25, 2010
A girl that is big and ugly. Like a truck that only takes diesel gas.
Wow, that girl is diesel.
by Not A Diesel January 04, 2014
Higher than normal % beer.
"Did you want a Coors?" "Na, I'll take a diesel" (Budweiser)
by AndyCrayCray January 16, 2013
Budweiser beer (especially in a 24oz. can).
outside QuickTrip, the interior of a 1989 Ford Probe...

Christian: You want something to drink?

Grant: Can of Diesel.

Christian: A 2 by 4?

Grant: That's what I said.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009

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