1.noun-Stands for Dinosaur in disguise used to refer to all dinosaurs in disguise.

2. A group of people searching for D.I.D's.
Did you see that tail on tim sticking out i bet he's a D.I.D
by YuriKatt September 30, 2010
A cute looking child, usually under the age of five years old.
"oh my god, she's such a dids"
by Pidger Heyes September 27, 2008
Dick It Down. (Give It The Dick)
Bro, Would You D.I.D. ?
by iih1 August 30, 2010
A group of good looking under age girls.

Short for diddy gash.
Ben " looks at all them dids"

Sam " them dids are peng"

Jake " tooo many fucking dids here"
by DidKing October 13, 2013
slang for "tits"/"breasts"
"i'd cum on her dids"
by ilphen April 22, 2008
ditto, same
"dude, i am so hungry"
by brahmin noodle November 29, 2009
Shorter form of 'ditto'.
"I'm feeling pretty hags tonight."

by Nayabay September 23, 2007

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