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2 definitions by jayneybaybey

When a person can be photographed one day and look fabulous then the next day they look like a bag of assholes.
Sara: look at these pics of sally she looks like a completly different person. really good in this one shocking in that one.

Jane: Yeah sallys a bit of a schitzapolaroid
by jayneybaybey March 26, 2008
4 3
those things on the edge of a road that are put there to wake you up if you fall asleep and go too far over- no one has ever been able to tell me the proper name for them so they have become the "did did did ers" (the sound they make when you drive over them)
sara: "im so tired from all this driving.... zzzzzz"
jane:" dude wake up!! you just hit the did did did ers!!"
by jayneybaybey April 07, 2008
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