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Stoner term: happens when a stoner runs out of pot and is forced to smoke resin hits from the pipe to cope
Dude!!! Youv'e got to come over, I'm on pipe support!
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
a man who is good at getting laid, or if said as a insult to a man... one who loves the cock
"I went out with rusty last night and he is quite the cocksmithe."
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
like tax bracket, the level of a crack head, a very low level.
"She looked like she was in the crack bracket."
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
compound word: skeezer + balerina, a man who has backed out of or declined any type of man activity, acting like a sissy
Neil: "Hey Bob, your going to the show right?"
Bob: "no, my girl doesn't feel good. I'm going to stay home."
Neil:"your a skeezerina!"
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
The most undesireable place, comes from very country people who actually have a grimace shed at home, this could be any noun
Where did you get that shirt... from the grimace shed???
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
The small amount of poo in a man's urethra after anal sex. someone who equals the same
"What's up dickshit?"
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008
any thing or person that is country, southern or hillbilly
"man, my whole family is hickory"
by $DANNY_DOLLAR$ August 24, 2008

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