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An insult so vile and low it can only be used to describe the most horrifically cruel and evil person.
Your parental units are such Dickshits for making you babysit your grandma!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003
A small hole on the left side of a persons neck. Usually located just below the ear and only becomes visible when a person is about to get fucked in it.
You cannot touch my goatass until you're about to fuck it!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003
A very rude and inconsiderate asshole who is not really that bad, but still deserves an insult of some kind.Is also commonly used in conjunction with slut.
Quit being such a fuckin Hobag-slut!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003

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