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The bag that the crazy girl uses to store the dicks she cuts off
Sh*t I think she was carrying a dicksack. You shouldn't mess with her.
by lololol8769 December 15, 2009
32 10
A no good fuck face who you can never trust.
That priest who molested my Child is a fucking dick sack!
by textfile232 January 01, 2006
26 15
Someone who wears skinny jeans and converse and dresses as an emo
Steven Beale is a dicksack as he wears dicksack jeans(eastenders)
by max branning legend March 17, 2008
15 9
The sack attached to your dick ball sac, scrotum,testicle bag, nut sac,testicles used in terms of someone is jocking you or being annoying towards you
hey, sam get off my dicksack
yo, michael get your hands off my dicksack
by dick willis October 29, 2007
13 15
when the scrotum extends midway toward the tip of the penis.
woah holy SHIT did you see the fucking dicksack on Mister November?
by aka February 28, 2003
4 16