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When a female's new sex partner is so good in bed, she overlooks all of his other, very signifigant, shortcomings.
Dana told me Dwight used her car to take another woman to the movies and she's still seeing him. What? He must have that girl dicknotized.
by Kimberly Ayers Warren January 26, 2008
A woman is so infatuated with a man and the way he sexes her she can become dicknotized, hypnotized by the dick.
Steve told his dog Richard, "Yo man, I got her dicknotized. Seriously, she's calling morning noon and night on a wet nut check."
by filmzillz November 22, 2009
The female form of pussy whipped. When a woman refuses to realize/acknowledge the faults of her lover simply because she is obsessed with the cock.
Why does she keep dating that dude? He cheats on her and he's a fucking asshole.

Yeah, he must have her dicknotized.
by M i k e January 03, 2008
adj. -when a woman or gay man becomes utterly distracted and oblivious to their surroundings due to the fact that a handsome man is in the immediate area.
john- "Hey! earth to Stacy! WTF?"

Stacy- *comes to attention* "oh.... sorry! what?"

Spencer- "Don't even bother, man. She's totally dick-notized when that guy is here."
by 2ChromeColts June 30, 2009
to be obsessed by the amazing powers, excellent use of, and orgasmic potential of a man's dick
Chick: "Damn, girl! Why are you smiling like an idiot?!"
Lady: "OMG! Had the most mind blowing sex last night - this guy has me dicknotized!"
by Word$m!th March 24, 2016
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