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tr.v. dick·no·tized, dick·no·tiz·ing, dick·no·tiz·es
A phenomenon that occurs as a direct result of a good, deep dicking. Common symptoms include, but are not limited, to poor judgment, irrational behavior, short attention span, scarred fashion sense, loss of under clothing, and an overall glassy look in the eyes coupled with inane utterances. The only known cure is a good, old fashioned bitch/pimp slap administered by a close friend.
You would be dicknotized too if your ass was getting banged against the bathroom stall like that.
by margot March 20, 2003
To put a person (i.e. a crush) under a hypnotic spell brought about by male genitalia.
1. You got no play this weekend? I thought you dicknotized people man!

2. Girl 1: You did what!
Girl 2: Uhh, he dicknotized me I guess.
by Tomtom192 December 14, 2005
To create an insatiable craving for cock, usually in a woman or "straight" guy.
Glenn started off blowing Jimmy, but it wasn't long before he had Jimmy dicknotized, begging for more of Glenn's hard cock up his ass.
by Knobbies May 17, 2014
The use of sweet phrases, sentences, and words towards a female for the ultimate goal of sex.
I was talking to my girl friend last night, and I tried to dicknotize her by whispering some sweet words into her ear.
by hotboy242 February 19, 2008
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