The face made after getting your ass kicked or fucking up in a big way and you have nothing to say . Usually the face conveys the espression one has when simply thinking FUCK.
Johnny manziel is tearing apart your defense after you talked a ton of shit . You sit there with the Dick face.
by Malcdaddy September 14, 2013
When you look like you don´t understand or when you are in schok.

-There is only two people in the world who can do the real dick face. The swedish politician Maud olofsson and Lina vilsson.
You make a statement that schoks or offence the other person. The person makes *dick face* and then you say "haha, dick face"

- Look a cat!
- *dick face*
-haha dick face!
by fagersta February 09, 2010
Any particular person who is pissing you off at the moment. Specifically one who has dumped their nachos on you.
Steve! You dickface! There's cheese everywhere!
by Holland Oates Bitch. October 16, 2013
a person who talks shit on a normal day to day basis
she needs to be quiet shes acting like a dick face.
by melonfelon April 24, 2010
the state of having a dick for a nose
by Austin Mallard January 29, 2009
An ex boyfriend who intentionally goes out of their way to hurt you after you have already made it clear you are over them and dont even have their number yet the keep texting and make plans every few weeks or month. Or an ex boyfriend who breaks up with you and then a few days later walks around downtown with a slut normally by the name maddie and then starts to ignore their best friend and makes them cry
Girl 1: OMG my dickface texxt me again!
Girl 2: OMG so did mine and i saw him with that maddi
by I'm BOMB July 22, 2010
An offensive yet affectionate insult mostly used in good humour.
Damiano stop being such a dickface!
Anthony stop being such a dickface!
by T Dorigo December 01, 2011
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