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14 definitions by christa

hot singer keyboardist of the band Hanson.
The middle one in Hanson. Plays the piano.
by Christa January 16, 2005
A cool word to call your local law enforcement officials preferribly out of ear range.
No sir, I didn't call you a dickface. I said 'cold night isn't it'?
by christa November 14, 2003
Teenage heart-throb.

Dead-ringer for Gandalf the White.
"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" = Really big hottie.
by Christa December 17, 2004
1) A young person who uses magick because they heard about it either from a friend's friend, a new neighbor, from when they were looking up Harry Potter websites, ect. Word derrives from the word <i>teenybopper</i> and Wicca fused together. 'Wiccaboppers' usually have not yet grasped the concept of the concequences when casting a spell or something like that. An abuser of the beautiful religion that Wicca is.

Wiccabopper 1: I need 2 get sum new spell kitz at the Faery Dance down in Newburryport! OMG my Wiccan name is Firebelly Dancersingsongbirdcatrainbowmagicalunicornpeacepentacleladygypsyrhinannonfleetwoodmacperson!

Wiccabopper 2: ya wee can hav a sercal at ur house! teehee!
by CHRiSTA May 24, 2003
A really funny thing to call somebody back in the day that i vow to make popular again. A dipshit. (you know you used to say it)
You are such a buttwiff.
by christa November 14, 2003
What a drunk man says to the police officer when he gets pulled over.
Drunk guy: "No occiffer, I haven't been drinkling."
by christa August 29, 2004
one who is unually white trash, or redneckish.
Look at that jeeter over there! Woo-wee that boy's ridin that tractor like there ain't no tomorrow!!
by christa January 11, 2004